FlexJet, a premier fractional jet ownership service provider; Jet Aviation, a leading worldwide business aviation services company, Development of cabin air purification systems with RGF Environmental, and aviation infrastructure development for DayJet, a start-up, per-seat, on demand jet service provider in southeastern region. Reed has an extensive background in business including the development of high technology companies.

He co-founded Diskovery Educational Systems with partner Ken Griffin to distribute software and computer equipment to the education market. Signed Microsoft Corporation as their first education distributor. The company pioneered the use of the Internet for the sale and distribution of application based computer products to the education market.

Reed holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He holds a Commercial Pilot license with Airplane Singe-Engine Land & Sea, Multi-Engine Land, Instrument Airplane, Helicopter and Flight Instructor Ratings.

Job Postings

Director of Aircraft Management

The Director of Aircraft Management is principally responsible for the management of the aircraft operations, FAA part 91 compliance, crew hiring, aircraft maintenance scheduling and support, financial accounting, purchasing for fuel, hangar, and flight training and flight crew management.


G. Peter Reed, Jr.

G. Peter Reed, Jr. is the founder and president of Reed Aero, Inc. His experience in the aviation industry spans over thirty years. His business development projects range from Tier-2 Aero-Structures manufacturing to infrastructure development and aviation services for the emerging Very Light Jet (VLJ) industry. In addition to aircraft sales and marketing, Mr. Reed has consulted with: Willis Lease Finance, an international commercial jet engine leasing company; Piaggio Aero Industries, manufacture of the P180 Avanti business aircraft; Bombardier